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Asic by Bitmain – Antminer t17+ – 55 th/s   Bitmain is one of the first developers of Asic devices that surpassed user expectations as of 2019 by creating another […]

Описание Asic Antminer T17+ (plus) БУ

Asic by Bitmain – Antminer t17+ – 55 th/s


Bitmain is one of the first developers of Asic devices that surpassed user expectations as of 2019 by creating another titan device with a record hash rate at the time of device release. Even now, a year later, the Antminer t17+ remains relevant, and can compete even with the top-end developments of many competitors. Thanks to its innovation and the introduction of integrated circuits, many ashik owners are still buying equipment that is not being released in 2020, while remaining relevant. Equipment such as the Antminer t17+ 55 th/s.

Technical specifications

Hashing speed – 55 th / s
Algorithm – Sha – 256
Weight – 10 000g
Size – 29.8 cm – l. 17.5 cm – w. 30,4 cm – h.
Noise – 75 dB
Remote connection – 6*6Pin

In addition to these features, there are also features:

The device supports all BTC forms
Power supply is built into the Antminer and is a component


Bitcoin mining solutions in Bitmain technology


At the 2019 Cryptocurrency Mining Solutions Meeting (WDMS), the Antminer T17+ manufacturer unveiled 2 new developments with record-breaking hash rates at the time. Co-founder of Bitmain – Qian Wu showed 2 new models, one of which is Antminer T17+ with 55 th computing speed, and not giving up energy efficiency of 50 J/t. Compared to the previous generation of Asics of this model – T17+ is a more compact version with a better cooling system based not on the principle of directional cooling, but on heat dissipation, which is necessary for a device of such power.

Aside from the internals, the Asik also appeals to customers with its more modern design. Incidentally, an innovation tested on the Antminer T17+, as one of the pioneers of this way of increasing efficiency, has contributed to the development of further Antminer models. It consists of creating a new chip that was used in this asyke. The chip is based on a 7 nanometre process but with a concentration of more power in them. This solution (together with the new cooling system) reduced the risk of overheating, increased efficiency and energy efficiency, which clearly saves on electricity consumption and time spent on mining the cryptocurrency. Antminer T17+ 55 th started to be widely used since its release in 2019. Moreover, the cost of the device is quite advantageous, as it is cheaper than the Asik of the same manufacturer Antminer s17+, released at the same time as T17+.

The situation at rivals


In 2019, at the same time as the Antminer t17+ release, Canaan have promised to release their hardware – A1146 and A1166. Canaan has tentatively predicted a performance of 58 – 61 th / s for the A1146 and for the A1166 around 70 terraches per second, with an approximate power output of – 47W.tx. Now in 2020, Canaan released the equipment in February this year, meeting customer expectations.

The Avalonminer A1146 and 1166 were released this winter, which shows that Bitmain is half a year ahead of its competitors, and it also shows that Bitmain hardware is relevant for at least another year, even though T17+ are out of production. Those Bitmain owners who were not lucky enough to buy Bitmain products in time may look for used versions of Antminer t17+, or purchase products from Canaan available today, which still loses out to the latest Bitmain products such as Antminer S19Pro.


Bitcoin’s situation in the cryptocurrency market


One of the important criteria for mining any cryptocurrency is its market price, and bitcoin is no exception to this. This is the upside of cryptocurrency mined by Antminer t17+. At one of the 2019 meeting of mining experts – Qian Wu (co-founder of Bitmain) said that a new round of growth of the dainty cryptocurrency awaits the Bitcoin mining community.

Proving this fact, he cited statistics from recent years, which clearly show two cycles in the industry. Conventionally the cycles were divided into 2 phases, replacing each other: bearish and bullish trends. If the first one lasted a year, the duration of the second one averaged 2 to 3 years. But the further these 2 curves behave, the more smoothly they align with each other on the graph. Qian Wu decided at the time that bitcoin was just beginning to rise in 2019, and for 2020 the situation would take on an even rosier outlook. He predicted a high probability that this particular bull cycle would be one of the longest, which is the reason for the profitability of the new, at that time, model – Antminer T17+ for buyers.

In some ways his words are true. Even the spring halving of 2020 didn’t really knock bitcoin down, and even now, almost a year after its release – the Antminer t17+ is a good choice for experienced Bitmain customers, judiciously assessing past and upcoming risks.

Bitmain is indeed doing its best to keep the profits of its miners around the world afloat, making flexible decisions that avoid risk and adjust to any likely cryptocurrency market situation as much as possible. One such is the creation of BCH (bitcoin cache), with the personal involvement of Cian Wu. This allowed Bitcoin to gain independence for the time being, which was the cryptocurrency’s salvation during the halving, which was calculated in advance by the experts.

Many major mining farm owners supported the Bitmain co-owner’s ideas and decisions. Today, this project’s activity is growing even faster than a year ago. More than one business has been built on the basis of BCH by major investors of the cryptocurrency market. In some countries, the development of BCH has gone as far as recognising bitcoin cryptocurrency as a payment system. The system is up and running, and further development no longer even requires Bitmain intervention. And the development of mining in general over the past 10 years since the creation of the first cryptocurrency has reached such a level of popularity that it is likely that virtual assets will soon be embedded in the global economy, right down to cryptocurrency payment systems around the world.

What the Antminer T17+ 55th th/s is good for


There are a number of examples that can tell you about the profitability of the T17+ 55th miner:

The high demand and sales volumes of Bitmain’s asics around the world.
The company is constantly striving to work on improving its devices. The ashik runs on 7-nanometer chips and Bitmain is still working on their efficiency to raise the quality of the product. This year 5nm chips are already planned for release, which will give the new generation of Asics high performance.
Bitmain has a network of repair services that can reduce the inactivity of cryptocurrency mining equipment to a few days.
Today, there is a special user training program that aims to provide professional training on how to repair mining devices for their owners, which will enable them to quickly fix an Asik breakdown.
On top of that, Bitmain has launched a special service for users of its equipment, the “Digital Map of the Mining World,” designed to combine the strengths of participants in the mining market who are focused on big financial decisions without fear of reasonable risks.

All of these examples clearly prove that Bitmain only strives for the best service and quality, and one of the proof is the Antminer T17+.


To summarise


Bitmain has given the world a revolutionary innovation in the mining industry in 2019. The Antminer T17+ 55 th proved to be a breakthrough achievement using the second generation of 7-nanometer chips, showing more power and high energy efficiency.

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