Our goal

Provide a complete mining service - the best in Ukraine

More about us

We know what you need for profitable and comfortable mining today!

Our project was founded in 2016 when we decided to join the ranks of Crypto-enthusiasts and become a part of the Mining idea. An idea that we and our partners lived with. During 6 years of successful work we had the opportunity to become true professionals of our business. This experience has allowed us to contribute to the development of Mining throughout Ukraine, improving the quality of our services and providing additional opportunities for our clients and partners, namely

  • Launched a fully-fledged service centre
  • Reorganized and improved reliability and efficiency of used equipment aftermarket
  • Launch of Trade-IN program, guaranteeing the quality and durability of Asyc devices

What we’ve already done?

Provided an opportunity for our clients and partners to order Mining machines from Chinese farms, warehouses and directly from the manufacturer’s facilities. Our company successfully copes with delivery of expensive equipment, delivering it safe and sound, thereby giving everyone the opportunity to buy time-tested machines from popular manufacturers of Mining equipment: Bitmain , innosilicon , Whatsminer, etc. We are always on top of the news of the mining industry, regularly monitoring the ASIC equipment from the Celestial and engaged in our own developments

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