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Характеристики TREZOR model T


Trezor Model T crypto wallet Today, to conduct secure financial transactions with cryptocurrencies, you should use a special wallet. Trezor was one of the first devices designed to store digital […]

Описание TREZOR model T

Trezor Model T crypto wallet

Today, to conduct secure financial transactions with cryptocurrencies, you should use a special wallet. Trezor was one of the first devices designed to store digital gold. It is characterized by a high standard of protection during bitcoin transactions.

Using the wallet allows you to secure transactions even when using an unsecured computer, thanks to closed operations that take place exclusively inside the device. Each financial transaction is carried out only after pressing on the wallet’s touchscreen display, and its connection is accompanied by the entry of a personal pin code. If a physical wallet is lost, it can be recovered using private keys.

This model involves the use of a special application from the developer that supports about 15 cryptocurrencies, and their list is regularly updated with new coins. You can conduct transactions with just one tap on the screen. With the help of a magnet built into the wallet’s base, it can be fixed on a table, in a safe, and magnetized in any convenient place. The model has a USB-type C connector and a micro SD card slot.

Contents of the Trezor Model T crypto wallet

The device is placed in a small box, which also contains a USB cable, instructions, and books for storing the passphrase. A magnetic stand is included for convenient placement of the device. The wallet is protected by a holographic sticker located near the USB connector. If this sticker is damaged, it is not safe to use Trezor, so you should replace it with a new one.

Setting up the Trezor Model T crypto wallet

There are only 3 steps to set up the device:

Connect the wallet to your computer via USB. The peculiarity of this model is that it has a touch screen that allows you to quickly conduct financial transactions with cryptocurrencies. The device can be used with all known browsers, but the manufacturer recommends using Google Chrome. If you prefer another browser, you need to download the Trezor Bridge program. Next, select the wallet model to start the software installation. After installation, you will have to reboot the device to prepare the wallet for full operation.
Come up with a strong 12-word passphrase to restore access. In case the wallet is lost or damaged, the manufacturer has provided for the use of a passphrase. Do not use any digital devices to store the passphrase, but only the special books that come with the device. You can use the generator in the equipment or enter the phrase manually. The phrase allows you to protect your coins from hacking. For maximum protection, you should not write it down in notes and store it on your smartphone or computer, take pictures with your phone, but rather write it down on paper. After you have entered the phrase, you need to name the wallet or confirm the settings, and then create a strong pin code that will be used to confirm transactions. You can create a pin code from 4 to 9 characters long.
The last step is to subscribe to the newsletter, which allows you to receive the latest messages from the manufacturer. You can also unsubscribe, as this option is not mandatory.

In a few minutes, you will receive a full-fledged cold wallet that you can use immediately. If the device is not connected, the wallet automatically disconnects from the Internet. This feature is an advantage because it can guarantee security for your funds. The connection to the PC occurs only when the pin code is successfully entered.

Why should you trust a crypto wallet from Trezor?
Having electronic keys is a way to access digital coins. The company securely stores them and ensures their safe use. The keys are stored on the device itself.
This model was designed for easy use even for the most complex financial transactions. The touchscreen display will delight you with a clear and convenient interface.
Special SLIP, BIP44, 39 and 32 standards are used to create and restore backups. If you forget your PIN or lose your wallet, you can use an additional key and 12 words.
You can use U2F to manage your accounts. You can use the screen to receive information about authentication requests before logging into your account.

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